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The First Installment in the Fazbear's Origins Series

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In 1983, a man peeks out of the storage room to see where the animatronics are, Fredbear was no longer on the stage, he was standing near an arcade machine, the man closes the door and sits there, the room's dim light blinking here and there, he pulls up his Camera Panel and looks at the stage, Springbonnie was gone now, he see's that the endoskeleton is waking up he press's the on/off button and turns him off again, he looks at his clock, it's only 4 AM he sits and waits for 6 AM.


TheIrishKnight324- Story Planner- Modeler- Programmer
FPXF9322- Story Planner- Modeler- Programmer

~Minigames 100%
~Gameplay 100%
~AI 100%
~Models 100%
~INI 100%
~Extras 100%
~Overall 100%


~1200x720 screen or bigger
~50 MB of Storage
~600 MB of RAM
~Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


~Developed in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
~Modeled with Blender




Fazbear's Origins 1.exe 55 MB

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